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Kim S Kinney Speaking at an speaking event in front of an audience


“Soooo impactful! [Kim] was gifted in public speaking, with a powerful message.”

“So enjoyable and thought-provoking. I’ve always thought about choosing JOY…but I never thought about me not being able to choose that…So good!!”

“Kim, I could listen to you all day!”

“Awesome storyteller.”

“Kim was great! She added humor to an otherwise great program!”

“An amazing speaker…full of knowledge…so encouraging.”

“The presentation was amazing and…the material life-changing.”

“I really enjoyed all the interactive aspects.”

-- Selected comments from a speaking engagement about Peace and Joy

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Here are some (but not all) topics I can speak on.

God’s Unique Glory

We are designed in God’s image with a God-sized hole meant to be filled with His big-G Glory. But many of us have fallen into the trap of pursuing the little-g glories of the world instead. The consequences can be devastating.

Learn how God’s Glory is unique and why pursuing it is the smartest thing we can do. In fact, nothing else matters!

The Secret to a Bountiful Harvest

Spiritual fruit—a beautiful gift from the Holy Spirit. Each of the nine spiritual fruits are unique and rooted in the character of God. We yearn for this fruit, yet often the fruit seems elusive—fruit such as joy, peace, patience, self-control…  Learn how to turn this around and why living a life that produces spiritual fruit is so important.

Don’t Settle for Mediocrity—Peace and Joy Can Be Yours!

Many of us are simply going through the motions, exhausted and drained from allowing our insecurities and emotions to rule. We feel trapped in a constant uphill battle—lacking peace and joy. This is not what God wants for you! There is hope.

Discover the supernatural power that can transform your life when you seek and become saturated with the glory of God. A life of victory—it’s the way you are meant to live!

Filled to Be Spilled

As Christians, we know we are indwelt by the Holy Spirit. But this isn’t enough. We must also be filled with Holy Spirit power to live to our greatest potential. Discover how a daily filling can activate the power of the Holy Spirit for greatest impact with eternal consequences.

Jesus is the True Light of Christmas

This Christmas let’s not miss Jesus because 2000 years ago, most people did. Let’s explore the lives of three groups of people who did not: Mary & Joseph, the shepherds, and the wise men. All of them were greatly inconvenienced and took risks to identify with Jesus.

Learn little-known facts which make all the difference in the world. You will never look at Christmas the same way again!