On Living for God’s Glory: A Conversation with Kim S. Kinney, June 13, 2022

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I first met Kim Kinney through my church in North Carolina and have been blessed by her kindness, encouragement, hospitality, and wisdom as she reflects those aspects of Christ. Her heart of ministry has enriched the lives of many, and she seeks the glory of God above all else. It is only fitting, then, that her first book, just released last month, is titled Living for His Glory. I had the privilege of reading an advance copy of the book and trust that God will use its message to point people to Himself and to challenge and encourage followers of Jesus to stand firm in their faith and be ever mindful of glorifying God in all they do.

Recently, I asked Kim to share about her experience and the story behind Living for His Glory. I’m excited to share our conversation with you.

Olivia: First, can you share a little about your spiritual background?

Kim: Born in South Dakota and mostly raised in Wisconsin, I grew up in a family of faith. I was always in church and it became the fabric of my life. I began teaching Sunday School at age 15 for a large and rowdy group of second grade boys that no one wanted. They even locked me out of the classroom on the first day! But I ended up loving it. Somehow, perhaps because of my own youth at the time, we connected. And they responded in a positive way. I taught many different ages over the years, but especially thrived with the high school and college classes.

In my 40s, I started and ran an online ministry for years called The Edge. Targeting young adults and professionals roughly ages 18–25, its mission was to keep these young people grounded in their faith despite what professors taught them and influences they encountered during these impressionable years. It quickly grew to include young people in 8 countries. It was during these years that the Lord birthed in me the desire and ability to write.

I have been in Bible studies for decades and started to lead Bible studies for women’s ministries after my mom died in 2010. I loved it, but my teaching ministry came to a screeching halt with the onset of Covid. It was during this time—when my calendar was miraculously cleared—that the Lord impressed upon me His desire that I write books. And so my writing journey began.

Olivia: What prompted you to write a book, and what led you to focus on the topic of God’s glory?

Kim: Fifteen years ago or so, a friend asked me, “What would you do if you knew you could not fail?” I immediately knew my answer, “I would write a book.” It was not feasibly possible at that time. But years later, God made a way. God often speaks to me in the wee hours of the morning, and He clearly told me I was to write about His glory and it would be a three part series called The Glory Series. He even gave me the titles of each book. Writing came easily and words often spilled across the canvas of my paper faster than I could type or think. God often awakened me in the middle of the night and brought clarity of thought; many times, I couldn’t keep up with my fingers as they flew across the keyboard. And remarkably, when I later returned to proofread and edit my writing, I found I couldn’t remember what I had written. I am certain the Holy Spirit guided my writing.

Olivia: How does being a Christian inform the way you view the act of writing?

Kim: Being a Christian undergirds everything I do. It’s like the foundation of a home. No matter what room you’re in, you function on top of the foundation that holds it all together. My faith in Jesus Christ undergirds and impacts everything I do, including my writing. It is interwoven throughout every aspect of my writing and colors my perspective of every topic. There is nowhere I can go outside of His presence and influence, and I wouldn’t want it any other way. My Christian worldview acts as a filter through which I see the world and process everything I see, experience, and put to paper.

Olivia: What is your hope for those who read Living for His Glory?

Kim: My hope and prayer are threefold:

  • that it will guide many to faith.
  • that it will ignite a passion for many to reconnect with their faith and begin to take it seriously, realizing that time is short and God has a very real purpose for their lives that they can no longer ignore.
  • that it will strengthen and encourage the seasoned Christian to focus on the eternal and explore what it means to live in victory for the resplendent glory of God as the greatest priority of their lives.

Let’s face it; life is just plain hard many days. We all struggle; no one is immune. That’s because we live in a world controlled by the evil one. Navigating through life can be daunting. But when we realize that we are created to live in a way that glorifies God, no matter what our life looks like, it changes absolutely everything!

Whether we are in a normal season of living life or a challenging season of chaos and suffering, God is ever present and has a purpose through the mundane as well as the extraordinary which impacts everything we do.

When we submit to the will of God and live a life intertwined with His, trusting in His purposes and provision, our lives take on divine and eternal significance. We don’t worry like the world does. Everything we do holds spiritual significance and showcases His glory as He transforms us in a multitude of ways for our good and His splendor. None of our suffering or challenges are wasted. Everything we do holds spiritual significance and reverberates for eternity. And He rewards us with His peace and greatest blessings as we walk in glorious victory too magnificent for words. The last thing we want is to simply drift through the daily motions of life, only to realize one day that we wasted it all.

We simply cannot get this wrong! Living for the glory of God is our greatest privilege.

I hope you have enjoyed hearing from Kim and have been reminded of the goodness of God in giving us the privilege of glorifying Him with our lives. If you’d like to read her book, you can find it on Amazon. You can also follow Kim’s author page on Facebook and Instagram.

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