Reflecting His Glory

Do you want a life that makes a difference? One with eternal meaning?

If so, this book is for you. Many of us are caught in the mind-numbing monotony of going through the motions–day after day. We feel powerless to change; we yearn for so much more. 

Reflecting His Glory is an invitation to a life of passion and significance. It explores the profound journey of transformation that unfolds when we intentionally pursue His glory in our every day. As we do, His glory fills us to overflowing. Unable to be contained, it shines through and beyond us in visible, tangible ways. It’s radical!

We become a blinding reflection of His GLORY, piercing and shattering the darkness as the extraordinary transects the ordinary. People are drawn to this radiant light, and we become a beacon of hope in a desperate world, impacting not just our immediate circles of family and friends but those well beyond. For eternity!

This book will reverberate within your soul long after you close its pages. Get your copy today and let the adventure begin.

It’s time to shatter the darkness!


Living for His Glory

Winner of 2 International Gold Awards and 5 National Awards

Life is such a gift, often filled with joy and purpose. But it can change in an instant, plunging us into a sea of chaos and fear as our faith is tested. Or perhaps we are enduring a prolonged season of suffering that feels like it will never end—and we spiral into the depths of despair.

We may find our fears and anxieties have taken control and we are trapped in a constant uphill battle, trying to escape. This isn’t the life God intends for us. There is hope!

This bestselling book will challenge your faith in a powerful way. It is extremely practical and filled with inspiration on every page

  • You’ll be able to face your challenges—with joy.
  • You’ll find hope in the depths of depression.
  • You’ll discover the strength and purpose you need to face suffering head on.
  • You’ll learn that grief and joy can coexist.
  • You’ll face addiction with hope.

Seek His GLORY in all aspects of life—and find treasures of joy and a lasting peace to sustain you. Don’t waste another day. Refuse to settle for a life of mediocrity.

His GLORY will transform your life from defeat to resounding victory—the life you are meant to live.

What are you waiting for?

International Book Awards Winner, Readers' Favorite Award, Selah Award Winner, Amazon Best Seller, Best Book Awards Finalist