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Kim S Kinney book signing her book Living for God's Glory

Jesus is the True Light of Christmas

This Christmas let’s not miss Jesus because 2000 years ago, most people did. Let’s explore the lives of three groups of people who did not:  Mary and Joseph trusted God when the facts didn’t make sense. The shepherds willingly identified with Jesus, no matter what...

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Filled to be Spilled

As Christians, we know we are indwelt by the Holy Spirit. But this isn’t enough. We must also be filled in order to live to our greatest potential. Learn how a daily filling can activate the power of the Holy Spirit for greatest impact.

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Peace and Joy

In today’s world, peace and joy seem to have taken a back seat to fear and anxiety as chaos takes control. Learn how we can become more peace-filled and joyful people.

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The Secret to a Bountiful Harvest

Spiritual fruit: a beautiful gift from the Holy Spirit. Yet often the fruit seems elusive, fruit such as joy, peace, patience, self-control… Learn how to turn this around and why living with spiritual fruit is so important.

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God’s Unique Glory

We are designed in a very special way—in God’s image—with a void inside that can only be satisfied one way: by pursuing the unique, “big G” glory of God. But many of us have fallen into the trap of pursuing the “little g” glories of self and the world instead. The...

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