About Me

Hi friends. Here’s a peek into what gives my life meaning.

My Passions

  • Helping people who are suffering to press on through challenges and to live for God’s glory;
    nothing is more important.
  • Making the Bible come alive in creative and engaging ways.
  • Encouraging men and women to not settle for a life of mediocrity.
  • I am captivated by the written word, its origins, grammar, and its power to vividly bring scenes to life in an explosion of creativity! Words are enchanting. Nerdy, I know.

The Professional Me

My career was as an Oncology Nurse Clinician at Duke University Medical Center in Durham, NC.

The Silly Me

I refuse to grow up and love to do the unexpected. I enjoy music and dance my way through the day as I can. If a gorgeous snowfall is upon us, you may or may not find me outside frolicking in the flurries, arms outstretched, as I bask in the wonder of the landscape being transformed from a seemingly lifeless expanse of brown to a winter wonderland of purest beauty. If we are treated to a significant snowfall, you’ll find me on the nearest hill careening down on a sled with abandon! I have gone skydiving, parasailing, flown a plane (with much assistance), ziplined through the mountains, gone whitewater rafting too many times to count… Growing up is highly overrated!

My Faith

     I believe in one holy God, the Creator of all creation, sovereign over all. He exists in three persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. I am a sinner in need of God’s grace. Jesus Christ, by being perfect, is the only One who can pay the penalty incurred by my sins. He died on the cross, then rose from the dead. His resurrection over death and sin proves His sacrifice was accepted.

     By believing this and receiving His sacrifice, my sins have been forgiven. I have received salvation as a gift from God, not by any works I did, and will spend eternity in heaven. This is the only way to be saved for eternity—the only way to heaven.

     I have been given the Holy Spirit to indwell me to help me live for His will—His glory.

     I believe in the Holy Bible. It is infallible and unchanging despite the cultural trends of the day. It is always relevant and applicable.


     I was raised by Christian parents and went to church my whole life. They taught me to always serve. I started teaching Sunday School at age 15; I was assigned a wild group of 20 second-grade boys–the only class no one claimed! The first day, they locked me out of the classroom. I was mortified! In hindsight, I think these energetic boys probably needed a young teacher with just as much energy. When I went off to college, I was sad to see it end.

     After getting married, I served in the church in many leadership capacities; teaching was my favorite. I taught many different levels from preschool through college. After launching many of my students to college, I started an online ministry, The Edge, aimed at ages 18-30. Many young adults seemed to flounder, not finding a spiritual community to help them stand strong in their faith. They found the support they needed within The Edge. I wrote weekly blogs with spiritual lessons, personal allegories, and humor. The website hosted interactive online forums. The Edge quickly grew and had members in eight different countries. I also served in college ministry for years at a church other than my home church.

     Later, I became involved with women’s ministry and for a decade I taught Bible studies two nights/week to women of all ages, both in the church and in our home. These studies also quickly grew until the onset of the Covid pandemic, forcing the studies be shut down.

     It was during this time the Lord clearly called me to put everything else aside and write a three-book series on His Glory. He gave me the titles and after studying the 285 verses on glory, I began to write. The rest is history! For any successes my book(s) have achieved, I give God all the glory.

My Family

Born and raised in the Midwest, I met my husband in Madison, WI. We married and began our life together in NC—and we never left! A calm, reserved man, Bob had no idea what he was in for! It’s been a wild ride; two children and 12 dogs later, we are busier than ever, enjoying life just outside Charlotte, NC. Just before Bob retired, I launched my writing and speaking career.


Kim S Kinney speaking at a speaking engagement
Kim demonstrating with some teal yarn
Kim S. Kinney speaking and raising her hands
Kim Kinney speaking
Kim S Kinney Speaking at an speaking event in front of an audience

God has led me to teach Bible for most of my life, beginning at age 15. Since then I have taught for a number of different audiences. For many years, I taught Sunday School from preschool age through college students. This transitioned into leading numerous women’s Bible studies at church and at home. One summer, a local pastor and I took a group of college students to New York City on a mission trip. During our time, I led us in a Bible study I wrote on the book of James. This was a lot of fun! God really grew me when He called me to start and run an online international ministry, The Edge, for college age and young professionals. I am very drawn to young people.

My Spiritual Gift

My strongest spiritual gift is the gift of mercy. This is a difficult gift to have. I deeply feel the pain and suffering of others. I can enter their story and intensely experience their emotions. Sometimes I wish I had a fun gift like the gift of voice so I could joyfully sing and lead worship, but God thought otherwise…