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Kim S. Kinney has been an avid student of God’s Word her entire adult life. She is passionate about teaching Bible to young adults and women. She and her husband, Bob, make their home in Kannapolis, North Carolina. They enjoy time with their two adult children, Justin and Rebecca, their fun-loving toy poodles, and one adorable grand-doodle.

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“All devotionals are not cut from the same cloth. Typically light on God’s Word and heavy on felt needs, they generally leave me unsatisfied. Kim Kinney’s Living for His Glory is a rarity.”

— KYLER SMITH, Ph.D., Senior Associate Pastor, Hickory Grove Baptist Church

“Filled with wisdom and inspiration, Kinney guides readers to persevere through suffering, discover renewed purpose, and live a life that makes an impact for eternity…A deeply enriching experience that will leave [readers] feeling uplifted and transformed.”

— Readers’ Favorite 5-star book review

About 'The Glory Series'

Don’t settle for a life of mediocrity! In these soul-stirring works, Kim S. Kinney weaves biblical wisdom, spiritual insights, humor, and winsome personal stories into a tapestry of encouragement. She makes the Bible come alive in a refreshing way and doesn’t shy away from the messy challenges of life. She candidly discusses dozens of topics including grief, loss, suffering, anxiety, fear, prayer, trust, hope, salvation, peace, depression, and integrity. 

Don’t waste another day just going through the motions. Discover the supernatural power, joy, and peace that come when you allow your life to become saturated with God’s glory—a life of victory. It’s the way you are meant to live!

Filled with inspiration on every page, you’ll find the hope you long for.

–From a reader–

“Deep theological truths are explained in ways I can understand like never before. She uses tells unique and fascinating stories in a winsome way that leave me speechless, such as a story about a cockeyed squid or an unusual announcement by her Echo that made me laugh outloud! Often I am in awe. Where does she get such incredible word pictures that make faith so real? The Lord so relatable? So approachable? Yet so holy. I couldn’t put these books down.”  


Selah Awards Finalist
Christian Indie Awards

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